Carton/Pallet Flow

Self-Feeding Storage Solution for Highly Efficient Warehouses

Ideal FIFO (First In, First Out) Solution

Increases Efficiency

Gravity Based Delivery System


Increase Efficiency


Cost Effective



Pallet and Carton Flow by Nucor Warehouse Systems are the best solutions for deep lane storage, easy access, and high versatility.

Our pallet flow offers FIFO controlled pallet handling, steel and polycarbonate wheels and customization to meet various pallet and load sizes.

Our carton flow offers a steel and polycarbonate skate-wheel roller system. Thisis perfect for providing the higher durability and lane flexibility to achieve a more seamless flow. Ideal for consolidating slow moving cases that are integrated into the existing picking path.

Both systems are ideally used in operations where there are varying pallet sizes and heavy loads, like the beverage industry.

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