Pick Modules

The Multi-Level Storage Solution
Our Pick Modules are engineered to integrate various storage solutions through a cohesive, multi-platform distribution facility. They are designed to fulfill high volumes of orders with maximum efficiency day in and day out. Improving the user's bottom line by maximizing output over the course of the week.

Nucor Warehouse Systems' Pick Modules make use of Nucor Warehouse Systems' Pallet Rack to connect a massive chain of conveyor and product flow systems. This ultimately leads to the reduction of line congestion and costly pick errors.

Palletized loads are moved throughout the system by gravity before being separated into cartons and pieces, before being sent to the appropriate picking area. This creates the most efficient path between storage and the product or pallets intended destination.

Nucor Warehouse Systems offers the following Pick Module products:
  • Ladders
  • Staircases
  • Kickplates
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