The Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttle is an Elite Solution

Nucor Warehouse Solutions' E-Express Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttle transforms any warehouse into a powerhouse of productivity that supports high-throughput and maximizes space, saving labor and reducing overall costs in the process.

The E-Express Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttle automates the flow of goods and eliminates aisles to maximize space utilization. It takes only a single click on the remote control to tell E-Express to load or unload pallets deep in the rack tunnels. A single operator can control up to four E-express shuttles, improving productivity and efficiency.

Advantages of the E-express Semi-Automatic Pallet Shuttle:

  • Reduce operating costs (labor, forklift, product damage, rack damage, and cost to store pallets)
  • Maximize cube utilization – up to 85% of space efficiency
  • Increase throughput, productivity and efficiency
  • Works perfectly in existing drive-in racking systems
  • One unit is like having a full-time forklift operator continuously loading and unloading goods
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